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Strengthening the Rule of Law in the EU: (conference papers)

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Added 2016-09-16
Co-publisher's ISBN-13: 978-961-6399-79-1

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Strengthening the Rule of Law in the EU: (conference papers)

Janja Hojnik, Ph.D., Natalija Orešek, M.Sc.

Despite its small size and limited personnel Faculty of Law University of Maribor has almost a quarter of century experience in teaching EU Law. Long before Slovenian Accession to the EU professors and teaching assistants of our Faculty of Law had been making endeavours to broaden EU law courses among the students and had been applying for the national as well as European projects supporting teaching and research excellency in the field of EU law. In this respect Jean Monnet activities played the central role in bringing EU law contents closer to our students. Nevertheless, our current project, Jean Monnet Project 2015-2016, reaches not only law students of University of Maribor but students of a wider Central and South-East European Region, as well as students from other European universities that have become attracted by the idea and the objectives of the project.

The Central European Law Conference for Students is an ambitious project aiming to create a central and south-eastern European forum addressing questions of EU law in a systematic way. The main goal of the conference is to discuss topical issues of EU law relevant for the EU as a whole and to send out a strong message about the importance of EU law in establishing rule of law in central and south-eastern European countries. The conference is conceived so as to bring together the most committed of students as well as first-class professors of EU law, judges, prosecutors and policy-makers at the national and EU level. It is conceived as a new way of broadening knowledge of EU law for students accentuating excellency in presentation and argumentation. Together with academics and holders of judicial and political power, students will be discussing and refining their visions and proposals about the future of the EU legal system in selected topical areas. The conference presents a unique opportunity for students to interact and engage in discussion with one another as well as with distinguished scholars and practitioners involved in European affairs. Furthermore, the conference should give students the opportunity to be a part of and contribute to a project creating a future plan of action for the EU.

The main objectives of the conference are:

- to develop a vision for the European Union legal system concerning its system of judicial protection, particularly in relation to human rights, migration, market regulation, consumer, environment and data protection systems, EU civil procedures, minimum standards for criminal procedures as well as democracy and rule of law in EU Member States and candidate countries;

- to enter into a debate with distinguished professors, current and former EU policy-makers, representatives of the European Commission and with supra-national and national judges and other professionals with vast experience in various topics of EU law and policy;

- to form a cross-border student brain-trust in Central Europe which will continue the debate on topical issues of EU law;

- to dedicate students’ originality, resourcefulness and time to build ideas for the future legal system of the European Union.

Also, it is hoped that the conference will be an invaluable opportunity for the students to work with a diverse group of individuals, that is culturally as well as linguistically very divers, which would naturally broaden the students’ horizons as they will be exposed to the various points of view and information that each person will bring to the table. The fact that they will have both a professor who is an expert in the field of their choice, and an experienced EU lawyer or policy maker there to give them feedback and to help them further develop their ideas will be a particularly important feature of the conference - in addition to the experience and the possible connections to be made. We hope that the conference will present a unique opportunity for students to interact and engage in a discussion with students and with the distinguished scholars and practitioners interested in European affairs.

About the Volume editor: Janja Hojnik, Ph.D.

University of Maribor, Faculty of Law, Mladinska ulica 9, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, email: janja.hojnik@um.si.

About the Volume editor: Natalija Orešek, M.Sc.

University of Maribor, Faculty of Law, Mladinska ulica 9, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, email: natalija.oresek@um.si.

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